Provides Comfort & Conserves Energy

Perfect Window FilmsTM gives you a more comfortable environment and reject up to 90% of the sun’s heat to reduce cooling costs. We have suitable products that help to correct temperature imbalances eliminating hot and uncomfortable glares.

Protects Furnishings

Perfect Window FilmsTM reflects the sun’s heat and absorbs almost all (99%) of the incident ultraviolet (UV) rays, protecting against skin damage. Your furniture, draperies, carpets fade less and last longer.

Beautifies Windows and Reduces Glare

Drawn drapes or closed blinds create a suffocating psychological atmosphere. Perfect Window FilmsTM makes your windows more attractive, glare and distortion-free view, complementing the building design and increasing privacy.

Improves Safety & Theft Deterrence

Window films reduce the impact from shattered glass during accidents and thicker variants are able to hold glass together and slow down forced-entries.