Our sun is the source of radiant energy. The solar spectrum is made up of three types of radiation; visible light that we can see, infrared and ultraviolet ray which we can only feel.

Photo-biologists identified three types of Ultraviolet Rays; UV-A, UV-B and UV-C. UV-C and a portion of UV-B are filtered by the ozone layer. Prolonged exposure to UV-B increases the risk of skin cancer. UV-A Rays are able to penetrate deeper into our skins and are considered the main reason for pre-matured skin aging.

While it is not the only cause of fading, Ultraviolet Rays are the also the main cause of fading in fabrics, carpets and other furnishings. Although visible light, heat, humidity, chemical dyes do also contribute to fading, Ultraviolet Rays’ contributing factor is estimated to be about 40% of the damage.


Most window films in the market can effectively reduce UV exposure by 99%, offering protection to our skin and home furnishings.