Perfect Window FilmsTM has over 30 years of experience in window films. We can provide extensive support to local Architects and Interior Designers through the provision of technical specifications, samples, information on legal requirements and recommendations for heat reduction, safety and privacy solutions for glazings.

Window films offer Architects and Interior Designers a wide range of options to retrofit window glass; professionals will find our support useful in their line of work to achieve various aesthetic or energy-saving purposes. For years, Perfect Window FilmsTM has positioned ourselves as a leading specialist in the window tinting industry with the world’s largest range of window films in our inventory.

Relevance Qualifications/Accreditations:
International Window Films Association ADVANCED SOLAR CONTROL SPECIALIST
International Window Films Association SAFETY SPECIALIST
Member of International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators*
Member of US Green Chamber of Commerce*
Member of US Green Building Council*
*Associated company accreditation.
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